We’ve all been swamped with a million different threads pulling us in various directions and that is where I have been for the past couple of weeks – hence, no posts. My summer resolution is to pick up the slack and reinvigorate the blog. No more putting it off until tomorrow. With new vigor applied to time management and a series of reprioritizations, I will learn from this and forge forth.

FailureIt is this recent recognition of failure that makes this discussion ever more relevant. Basically, the question goes like this: why is trial-and-error and the risk of failure understood, if not highly regarded, in the private sector but shunned almost entirely in the nonprofit and philanthropic world?

VPF has been wandering the depths of RFP development for the last couple of months and has hit upon the issue a few times. We have been asking ourselves how much risk we are willing to take on while still funding an innovative entrepreneur that has a high-potential, creative solution to NYC’s persistent problems. Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it?

Check out the discussion on Social Edge and add to this important conversation…